Why Wearing a Mask is Important

Mask is the new normal like we used to wear shoes before stepping out these days we have to put on a mask before stepping out of the comfort of our homes. Rising COVID-19 numbers throughout our country and across the world call for our efforts to protect each other’s more important than ever. Layers and layers of protection offer the best defense against the virus starting with vaccines for everyone eligible. Masks not only protect us but also the ones around us. We might be asymptomatic but still be carrying the virus, and put the more vulnerable people around us at risk. There are other cleanliness freak countries like Korea and Japan who have been in the habit of wearing masks for years before COVID hit us. Experts have to say that we can save thousands of lives and actually control the pandemic if we all follow mask etiquettes and other standard cleanliness measures.

When to wear a mask

Whenever we move out of our homes, we put on a mask. It has now become a habit to wear a mask. Even kids as small as 2 years ask for the mask when they see adults wear one. It is all the more important when we are going to a crowded place because this virus jumps bodies. If we are in a park or in a lonely place we can still take the leverage of taking the masks off but it’s a complete no-no when we are around people. The WHO guidelines say that if you are 6ft away from a person then you are safe, but it’s not always possible to abide by it. It is not only about COVID but asks to protect you against other cold and flu viruses. A good quality mask will never be hazardous for breathing and they are created keeping in mind the medical guidelines put forth. 

When to wear a mask

Masks do’s and don’ts 

Masks etiquettes are a world on its own. Wearing a mask can prove to be all the more hazardous if not put on and put off correctly. It can act as a catalyst in spreading the pathogen. Half of the population does not know this and that is the problem why even after wearing masks people have got infected. Taking the mask off, folding and keeping it in the pocket and again putting it on from the other side next time is an example of how masks can prove to be life-threatening. Some of the things that should be kept in mind while using the mask are as follows:

  • Home made cotton masks should be washed, disinfected and dried daily. Sun can act as a great disinfecting agent. These masks should not be used twice without washing. 
  • While taking off and putting it on the table, it should be kept in a paper towel face down, and later when put on the paper towel should be discarded.  
  • Protective glasses will be useful if they work with the masks, it will make sure we don’t touch the eyes more often with dirty hands.
  • While removing the mask only the ear loops should be touched. Anything other than the loops may have attracted the virus and will make your hands dirty. 
  • The most common mistake we make is to touch the front of the mask. Doing this will make the whole act of wearing the mask pointless. 
  • At Least 25% of people are seen wearing the mask below their nose. It’s a very common sight to see, the psychology of these people is not known but it would have been far better if they would not have worn the mask at all.
  • The fit of the mask should be snug, and should cover the mouth as well as the nose firmly up till the chin. There should be no gaps on the edges.
  • The more comfortable the mask the more unlikely are we to touch it often.
  • Children under the age of 2 are exempted from wearing the mask. It’s the duty of the rest of the people to keep them safe by always wearing the mask around them. Children from 2-5 years of age can wear the 2-layer cotton mask.
Types of masks

Types of masks 

There are innumerable types of masks available in the online and offline market. Some areas are per the standard guidelines and some are not. It’s our duty to understand which mask fits the best in the environment we want to use it in. some of the masks available in the market are as follows:

  • N95, these masks are known to provide the utmost protection that is 95% against the corona virus and of course other pathogens also. The masks are constructed keeping in mind the guidelines provided by the WHO. 
  • KN95, this is a step better than the N95 but not required as the protection percentage is almost the same. 
  • Surgical, these masks are thin, very breathable and flat. The paper-like material makes it very very comfortable for the user. They are designed to filter the sprays, droplets and spatters and can be very effective against the COVID virus. 
  • Bandana, it is a triangular piece of cloth that is generally used as a head or neck accessory. Some people tie over their nose and mouth for protection against dust and other particles. This kind of mask provides some protection against droplets but not full protection.   
  • Handmade cloth masks, these masks if made in one layer will provide as much as just 1% protection and if double layer then then the percentage increases to 35%. Thus, increasing the layers and using the denser fabric will make it more and more effective but will be of course less comfortable. 
  • Cloth masks with filters are a good alternative to a best quality mask. The efficiency of these masks increases many folds as compared to normal cotton masks.
  • Hosiery masks, made out of the fabric of a t-shirt, are only one third as effective as the disposable surgical masks. They are comfortable to use as the material is stretchy but can be made more effective by increasing the layers. 

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