Top 10 Packaging Companies in India

Businesses are recognizing the importance of investing in effective yet attractive packaging solutions for their products in recent times. It is of essence for all sellers to be aware of the impurities present in the atmosphere, and to ensure that their products are efficiently protected from any potential cause of contamination.

Identifying this growing opportunity, there has been a huge boom in the printing and packaging industry with several key players presenting their unique take on packaging solutions. Amidst this, wholesalers, both online and offline, have emerged as notable beneficiaries. However, given the risks associated with offline deliveries owing to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, online wholesalers such as are among the popular B2B choices for printing and packaging.

Listed below are ten packaging companies in no particular order that are rated among the best for their elite services in this business.

Balmer Lawrie and Company Ltd.

Almost 150 years old, this corporate is based in Kolkata, West Bengal. They are famous for their industrial packaging solutions. Currently, it is a public sector undertaken company. Apart from providing exceptional packaging solutions, they are also rated among the best producers of plastic drums and a diverse range of other plastic products in India.

Ess Dee India

Among the oldest companies in the Indian packaging industry, this corporate is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Their primary product is packaging and production of aluminium foils. In fact, they are the leading producer of aluminium foil in Asia. The company is reputed for its myriad range of packaging services.

Max India Limited

Established in 1985 in New Delhi, Max Speciality Company are renowned for their packaging and film business. It is an ISO certified company which produces a whopping 52,000 tons every year, witnessing significant growth in recent years.

Jindal Poly Films Limited

A subsidiary of the Jindal Group, Jindal Poly Films is known for their packaging and film business. Polyester and polypropylene are their main produces. Owing to their high-quality products, they have consistently ranked among the industry leaders.


Headquatered in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, Uflex is a popular name in the packaging industry. Their main clients include businesses involved in the FMCG, print, manufacturing, and engineering sector. Interestingly, they rank among the few ISO 9001 and 14001 certified companies in India.

Time Technoplast Limited

A multinational company located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, this is a packaging and manufacturing company that indulges in overseas operations as well. Some of the countries wherein it enjoys a significant presence include Belgium, China, Korea, Poland, and Romania. They are among the leading polymer producers and have successfully ventured out into healthcare and lifestyle markets.

Flexituff International Limited

Headquartered in Madhya Pradesh, they are famous for their packaging solutions, especially high-end bags and proof bags, liner bags, sling bags, and single loop bags. Paying key attention to innovation and technology in their packaging solutions, they have a research and development centre at Kashipur. This enables them to consistently produce high-grade products, thus delivering the best services.

TCPL Packaging Limited

A public limited company, they are known for providing expert packaging solutions for over 30 years. Operating from Mumbai, Maharashtra, they mostly cater to the packaging needs of the liquor industry. They are renowned for their unique and efficient packaging techniques.

Ester Industries Limited

Based out of Gurgaon, Haryana, this company is known for their comprehensive packaging solutions and film production. Additionally, they are among the leading producer of the plastic compounds in India. Due to their consistent services, they are among the most trusted companies in terms of providing packaging solutions.

India’s only B2B printing and packaging online marketplace, (Qurio Solutions Pvt Ltd) offers value to their diverse customer base for every purchase they make.  A recognized online wholesaler, this company curates the existing printers based on certain parameters, and only qualified printers are onboarded, thus ensuring that they offer high quality printing and packaging services all across India.

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