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It’s very important to understand that almost all industries and organizations need marketing and their success is directly proportional to the quality of marketing. Every organization has to think of ways to market their products and the most efficient ones fetch the most customers. 

Let’s discuss how a thing that is known to be mightier than a sword promotes small business manifolds. Yes, we are talking of a “Pen”. This tool can be really effective for your business. We often need it be it office, school, bank or even at home to jot down a phone number or make a grocery list. So, the reach is immense. Ranging from a school kid, to a working professional to a homemaker…everyone is using it all the time. Best of all…it changes hands so often, one passing it on to the other. Your promotional pens, more often than not may land up with someone you did not even target and thus increasing your brand awareness in more ways than one.  

Just think, when you go to a bank. You forget to carry your pen, and ask for one from the employee. She crossly shares her pen and you end up getting it home by mistake. Next time you have to note down a phone number you pick that pen and are reminded of the bank. Your wife makes the grocery list and she uses the pen, she also gets to read the name…ultimately your son takes it to school and his friends get to see the bank’s name…so imagine how many minds did it touch and will go on touching till the time it runs out of ink.

There are various ways how custom printed pen can be used to promote a business:

  • Replace business cards, while business cards get misplaced very often…when you put the same information on a pen there are less chances of it landing in a trash can. Business cards are getting outdated and like this you can give an innovative twist to your promotions. Thus, it’s going to be a next generation thing to exchange business pens when you go for a meeting next time. 
  • Include promotional pens in the kit, while attending conventions and trade shows it’s a good idea to make a custom printed pen be a part of the kit. Even if you can’t be very creative with assembling the kit, a pen would never go out of fashion. A simple thing as a pen will surely attract the client in holding the packet and later opening it with interest.  
  • Pens on the front desk at the store is a really attractive offer for a customer. You might have seen a bowl full of candies on the front desk but seldom would you have seen a jar full of pens to pick from. I bet no one will ever miss on picking one or even several to share some. When a customer has to sign a register or a receipt you can offer them to keep one for themselves. 
  • Add a pen to the couriers of marketing material, while sending out marketing material to future customers why not include a beautiful pen with the same. This is sure to grab some extra attention and make them open the package, even if they don’t read the fliers and the brochures, they are sure to keep the pen before throwing the rest of the material. 
  • Use printed pens as freebies, participate in Community events that are held to raise money and promote awareness. In such events local businesses have a great chance of promotions. In such events printed pens as freebies will work wonders. You can custom make the pens to suit events such as the World Cancer Day, Republic Day or a 100th Anniversary celebration.  
  • Cross Promotion is another way that one can promote businesses. What you can do is to exchange promotional items and market for each other. Like you take some of their promotional jute bags and hand them some of your custom printed pens. In this manner the clientele will get diverse and the brand name reaches a much wider area. 
  • Leave behind a personalized pen, leaving behind something with your customer to woo him even when you are gone. So, when one goes on a sale call and puts forward a mesmerizing pitch In Front of the client and you don’t want this effect to last as soon as you are gone, just leave behind a token of what you stand for. This pen will linger on for longer than expected and will keep reinforcing what you just said.
custom printed pen

Who will pick your pen and why?

It has been a proven fact that around 70% of customers will only pick a promotional item from the desk if it is useful. In a survey conducted, customers said that the usefulness of a marketing gift is the prime reason for them to be interested in the promotion. Otherwise very few are just interested in the reading material. If we come to talk of all the useful promotional items available in the market, Pen costs the lowest and is the most efficient. 

Thus, one has to be convinced that printing your business logo on one of the most consistent writing tools in the history of the human race is the best way to promote the business.

Some people might be of the notion that a pen is just a thing to write with, but you see its versatility for visibility is unmatched. 

Some factors that should be kept in mind before going in for the printing that will make it more effective:

You have to make sure that your pen shows all the basic information that helps the customer find you, like logo, website address and contact number. And of course, a beautiful message and attractive colour and good quality writing would never be harmful.

One has to keep in mind that too much information and too little font size will defeat the whole purpose and also look shabby. 

The printing quality should be such that it does not rub off with use. The print should be at the bottom of the pen where it’s least touched while writing and is most visible even when someone else is using the pen.  

Start using custom-made pens as promotional items next time and you will realize that a pen is truly mightier than a sword.

Where to find Promotional Logo Printed Pens

Where to find Promotional Logo Printed Pens?

If you are looking for a one-stop-shop for promotional printed pens then Urprinters is the place for you. They are offering premium quality pens that last long and are comfortable to use. The printing quality is optimum and does not face away even after months of use. They have been into the business of promotional item printing and are good at customizing the products as per the requirements of the client. Their huge clientele is proof of that. Most of the pens that they are offering are attractive and meet every kind of purpose and event. Moreover, they also have an array of designs to choose from ranging from the plastic body to the metal body, low cost to high cost. They are even offering pens with 16GB pen drives that make it all the more attractive for the customer. With the help of their highly efficient team, Urprinters promises quality products and timely delivery, you can bank on them for all sorts of requirements.  

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