Everything you need to know about Hand Sanitizers

Washing hands with soap in water for 20 seconds, this is what we have been hearing for the last 2.5 years. But there are times when water and soap are not available, in that case, the World Health Organization has approved alcohol-based hand sanitizers as a means to get rid of the harmful pathogens. The percentage of alcohol content is also specified by the medical organizations for it to be most effective. Before the outbreak of this pandemic hand sanitizers were seldom used. Since the times have changed, hand sanitizers are a complete mandate at all places, be it a mall, clinic, hospital, stores, schools or even a house party. As per the guidelines of World Health Organization hand hygiene alone can reduce the spread of the virus manyfold.    

What makes Hand Sanitizers most effective

A Hand sanitizer is a liquid or a gel that is used as a hand rub and is effective in getting rid of many viruses, bacteria and microorganisms on the hands. There are places and situations where there is no water and soap available for washing hands, then these hand sanitizers come to the rescue. Like masks, hand sanitizers also have an etiquette to use. Some people are in the habit of wiping away the sanitizer before it dries, whereas the correct way is to let it dry on your skin. This is one of the reasons why a sanitizer can be less effective. 

Another factor that makes the sanitizer less effective is the alcohol content. Some manufacturers in order to save a little bit of expense make products that are not at all efficient. The amount of alcohol content should be at least 60% for the sanitizer to be effective against germs and viruses. Other things that should be kept in mind are that the liquid should be applied on the palm of one hand and then rubbed across the hand with the other. The sanitizer should also be applied to the back of the hand and not to miss between the fingers until the hands are dry on their own. 

How are Hand Sanitizers a boon to us?

Hand sanitizers are a complete boon in today’s times. Imagine life in a pandemic without sanitizers, we would have been crippled. The virus just would not have been controlled if hand sanitizers weren’t there. We are surrounded by germs all over, but we try to prevent it to the maximum. 

Even from an environmental point of view, using hand sanitizers saves a lot of water and time. Imagine doctors at a clinic or in a hospital would have to get up to wash hands for 20 seconds, how much time would he waste washing hands and drying in between seeing patients. The amount of water saved at this level is immense. 

These sanitizers are now available in various flavors so that using them would feel pleasant and not a pain. It leaves behind a nice scent and makes you feel good. One good thing about hand sanitizer is its portability. You can easily carry a pocket-size bottle into a backpack, school bag, purse, or jacket pocket when you’re on the go. The thing to remember is that hand sanitizers are not a substitute for soap and water, they’re a good supplement to the old-fashioned method that has worked for centuries.            

Hand sanitizers Vs Hand Wash

Hand sanitizers Vs Hand Wash

There are particular places where both these can be used and both have their own pros and cons. There are certain places where hand sanitizers will not serve the purpose. Like before starting cooking, since these are inflammable because of the alcohol content it is not advisable to use them while near fire. When your hands are visibly dirty, then the hand sanitizer alone is not sufficient. 

Hand sanitizers should or can be used before and after visiting a friend or loved one in a hospital, or a doctor may use after finishing each consultation, or before entering a shopping complex and malls. There are times and places where water is not available, in such scenarios hand sanitizers are the best option. We just have to make sure that the alcohol content should be 60% at least.   

Hand Sanitizer Safety measures

Safety measures

There are limitations to every blessing that we have, and thus to sanitizers as well. Some of the things that we should be careful about while using hand sanitizers are as follows:

  • Hand Sanitizers can be very dry to your skin, so it is important to use moisturizers frequently if you are in a profession that requires frequent use of sanitizers 
  • Since sanitizers are alcohol based, they are highly inflammable. It is not advisable to go near a fire right after applying sanitizer. 
  • In today’s times every house has a hand sanitizer very handy, we have to be very careful when kids are in the house. These can be hazardous if swollen, thus children should use only in adult supervision.
  • We cannot rely on hand sanitizers for getting rid of harmful chemicals or visible dirt.
  • These can cause eye irritation so keep away from eyes
  • A cut skin can be very painful if exposed to a alcohol based hand sanitizer   

UrPrinters offers industry standard Hand Sanitizers

UrPrinters is ranked as one of the most trustworthy portals that provide a vast range of health and safety products. They offer a variety of hand sanitizers that come in packages of different sizes, catering to the needs of the clients. Some of the best quality hand sanitizers are sold at a wholesale rate by UrPrinters. Though these hand sanitizers are available at a low cost, they are of the best quality and extremely effective. An extremely handy option is to carry pocket-sized sanitizer. Their sanitizers are also available in convenient sachets and are an optimum choice for traveling. The sizes of these sachets are 1ml and 2ml. These can be purchased in bulk at UrPrinters.com. 

Looking at the increased use of hand sanitizers in recent times, it is a great alternative to purchase large hand sanitizers for offices and hospital use. Moreover, the bottles can also be personalized with the logos and images that go with the company. These bottles are available in different capacities, ranging from 50 ml to 500 ml. Carrying a small bottle of sanitizer or giving every employee their personal sanitizer bottle is a great precautionary measure against the virus and also acts as a good thoughtful corporate gift. 

 All the products are medically tested and verified by the concerned authorities. Additionally, they also go through various quality control measures, to make sure that the end product is the best of its quality.

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