know about flyers before making an investment

Business owners and Corporates are always on the lookout for opportunities to advertise their products and services in an appealing manner. Flyers come in handy during such situations. Therefore, businesses pay keen attention to the intricate details while designing them.

Online printing services such as ably assist these establishments in meeting their flyer printing requirements. They curate customised designs that match the ambitions of their clientele.

Presented below is a detailed guide about flyer designing right from the ideation to the printing. This will help businesses to make a more informed decision, while the experts will take care of the rest.

Definition of a Flyer

Primarily a means of visual marketing and information dissemination, a flyer showcases the products and services offered by the business in front of the potential customer base. Printed flyers are given to customers at events, trade fairs, corporate open houses and other such occasions.

How are Brochures Different from Pamphlets and Flyers?

The basic difference in derived from the purpose of marketing. A brochure is aimed at detailed information sharing about the products and services. On the other hand, a pamphlet is quick selling. A brochure gives a detailed understanding, covering all intricacies of the offerings and also bringing a complete definition to the corporate brand.

A flyer and a brochure are different in terms of their visual appearance. It is an unfolded page that can be printed on both sides, or on one side depending on the individual needs of the business. Moreover, it bears comparatively less information than a brochure.

Appearance of a Brochure

Commonly, corporates opt for a single fold A4  size brochure which offers 4 sides of visually printable areas . This leaves a lot of space to present visuals and information and each page can be dedicated to handle certain key messages.

Apart from these, there are other options of folds that businesses can look to explore. These include:

  • Double fold:  The pages are folded twice hence creating 6 distinct printable areas
  • Single Fold with stapling: These are for brochures which need to share more information and need greater than 4 printable areas. So these brochures offer printable areas in multiple of 4.

Flyers and Leaflets also has multiple options of printing such as :

  • Single fold: Like brochures these are these are folded in centre creating 4 printable sections. If open size of A4 page is single folded then it becomes really convenient to hold.
  • Z Fold : The flyers are folded twice hence offering 6 printable areas. Tone side folds inwards and the other outwards. Hence, squeezing the area so that this collateral is really handy and easy to carry around.
  • No Fold: The entire space front and back of the brochures can be used as distinct printable areas.

The most popular option being No Fold A4 size which offers 2 printable sides.

Designing a Flyer

Prior to finalising the design for print, it is important for businesses to prepare the content that goes into the flyer. Thereafter, they can follow the suggested path that can help them in coming up with an attractive design.

  1. Derive the purpose behind the flyer
  2. Cater to the demands of the target customers
  3. Curate the content accordingly
  4. Choose the various printable areas and have distinct set of information for each area respectively
  5. Finalise the template and place the content
  6. Ensure brand logo is visible on each page
  7. Check that contact information is there to close the sale or for any queries
  8. Design the hierarchy, balance, and visual appearance
  9. Review the design before the final print, make sure the images used are clear and resolution is fine.
  10. Do a final proof reading on the spellings, you don’t want a flyer with spelling mistakes
  11. Connect with printing experts and confirm the orders

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