face masks and hand sanitizer for students

The ongoing pandemic does not need any introduction. COVID-19 has changed the lives of every individual and no number of precautions seem enough. It has been more than a year since the outbreak of the virus but businesses cannot stop, thereby preparing ‘The new normal’.  Schools and colleges have reopened after a year, but this time there is a need to be extra cautious, especially when kids are not as immune as adults and are more susceptible to the virus. Government and doctors are taking the necessary steps, however school administrations to follow the safety norms and encourage their students and staff members to follow them as well.

Schools are propagating one of the best precautions suggested by the experts – “Do gaj ki dori, mask hai zaruri”. The slogan in itself gives complete information about the safety precautions and by following these measures properly, the school administration can protect their students and staff members,

Amidst this, online wholesalers such as UrPrinters.com are on high-demand owing to their quality products that are available at affordable rates. These platforms are catering to the specialized requirements of educational institutes with their customized packages of Hand Sanitizers In Bulk and face masks.

How can students ensure their safety while attending offline classes?

Educational institutions recognize the fact that protecting students in class is going to take some training, some preparation, and a combination of the right supplies. Therefore, they promote the following norms in their campuses.

Wear the mask properly- Make sure to wear the mask covering both nose and mouth properly.

Use sanitizer frequently -Sanitize hand for 30 seconds as classes don’t have the facility of washing hands.

Maintain social distancing- Maintain a minimum distance of six feet from everyone.

Sharing is kind but not now- Avoid sharing notebooks, tiffin and toys with fellow classmates.

Avoid public transport- Try to use personal vehicle as a mode of transportation

Check body temperature and COVID symptoms frequently- Check the body temperature daily and do not step out if they have a high temperature or their body shows any COVID symptom.

Why should schools buy face masks and hand sanitizer sets for students?

It is the responsibility of the school authorities to ensure their safety inside their premises. Therefore, they should provide students with safety sets to ensure complete protection against contamination of the virus. Additionally, these sets ensure a pattern of uniformity among the students and the teachers, thus defining their identity.

What are the constituents of the sets?

Mask- Wearing a mask is quite a tricky job for everyone, especially to the kids. It is very important to choose a mask of correct size and material which causes minimal discomfort. The masks available in these sets specifically cater to this purpose.

Sanitizer- It is recommended to use alcohol- based hand sanitizers having alcohol content between 60% and 95%. Gel sanitizers are best for kids as liquid sanitizers can be a bit messy for their little hands. Apart from including them in the set, authorities should arrange at least one sanitizer bottle in every class. All the aforementioned requirements are meticulously met by the experts who curate these sets,

Where to buy?

There are numerous websites and applications available from where schools can buy these safety sets but it is important to select a trustworthy source. UrPrinters.com is one such website which will provides the best quality material and at an affordable price. They provide a diverse range of safety products which are budget-friendly and are effective at the same time. Schools can visit their website and order these face masks and Hand Sanitizer sets for their students, along with other safety and hygiene products.

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