Corrugated cardboard is a strong, stiff, yet light-weighted packaging material that is made from three layers of brown kraft paper. It was first developed in 1884 by Carl F. Dahl, a Swedish chemist. This involved an intricate process for pulping wooden chips into strong paper that is resistant to tearing, splitting, and bursting.

Today, corrugated cardboard is used as the go-to packaging solution for businesses of diverse sectors. These include the likes of supermarkets, grocery marts, shopping complexes, gift stores, food and beverage takeaway outlets among others. Owing to their versatility, tones of corrugated box is used as the preferred packaging material to protect and display products. This is where online wholesalers like come into the picture with their expert and comprehensive packaging solutions. However, before investing in corrugated boxes in bulk, it is important for businesses to familiarize themselves with the making process.

Rolls of kraft paper are transported from paper mills to a converting plant. These layers of paper are them crimped and glued to form corrugated box, which is then used to make boxes. Among these, some rolls of kraft paper are used to form liners which are then heated, glued, and pressed to form the continuous sheet of cardboard. This is then cut into wide box blanks that go to other machines for printing, cutting, and gluing.

Raw Materials

The primary raw material used to make corrugated box is pine trees. After harvesting these trees, the limbs of these trees are taken off and the trunks are shipped to a pulp mill wherein they are converted into kraft paper. Thereafter, the fibres are inserted in a paper machine where they are formed, pressed, dried, and rolled in rolls of kraft paper. This is then sent to the corrugating plants to make cardboards.

Corn starch glue is used to bond the corrugated sheets to the liners. Apart from these, other raw materials are also used the corrugated cardboard after production. Water or grease resistant corrugated boxes have an additional layer of wax made from paraffin or vegetable oils. Additionally, some corrugated boxes are customized as per the requirements of the businesses. Therefore, paints and inks are also required to design the same.


Since the time of its manufacturing in 1906, pulp processing, paper making, and corrugating have witnessed dynamic changes in terms of its efficiency and productivity. There is a rising demand for skilled designers who can come up with ergonomic packaging solutions. Some of the common technologies used to aid this process are computer-aided design programs. This leaves room for the designers to conceptualize and modify designs as per the specific requirements of the business. For instance, many retail stores use light, colourful, yet sturdy designs for displaying and packaging their products.

Benefits of Corrugated Cardboard

  • Light Weight – Owing to their lightweight, Corrugated Package can be easily carried, shipped and transported. This benefits businesses that deal with heavyweight products as the weight of the cartons minimally contribute to the total weight.
  • Strong – Despite their lightweight, corrugated cardboard are extremely stiff and strong, thus making them durable. They do not tear easily and have good tensile strength, making them the appropriate choice for long-distance shipping
  • Malleability – This improves the ability of the boxes to be hammered and reshaped easily as per the requirement. Moreover, these boxes can be easily custom printed as per the brands.

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