How To Design Visiting Cards For Our Business

What are visiting cards

Business cards are generally the first bit that we put together when we start a business. This is a piece of paper or a card that acts in more ways than one. It’s your identity, brand recognition, advertising tool, and last but not least your contact details. Your clients will have the first impression of you and your business just by looking at this card. Business cards are often neglected but in order for them to be effective, we need to give them a thought and design them thoughtfully. These pocket-size display panels will have a long-lasting impression on your clients and they will judge you on what they see on the card.  

How does a business card fetch you, clients? 

Visiting cards are versatile and can be used anywhere and everywhere. It is very important for you to carry them with you wherever you go, you never know where you find your target group. At the end of the day, you will be surprised at how many opportunities came your way and you used your visiting card to sell your business. There are so many places that we use our cards in like social as well as business events, trade shows, fairs, conferences, meetings, and networking events. 

Visiting cards are supposed to be compact in design so that the receiver puts them in their pocket without a second thought and keeps them for future reference. There really are no boundaries as to how a visiting card should be used. One should be as innovative as possible. Moreover, if the cards are designed keeping in mind the sustainability feature of it, it will attract the client all the more, because there are so many people who are aware of the current pollution scenario that they don’t want to add to it. 

How to design visiting cards

How to design visiting cards

As mentioned earlier the design of the cards is somewhat neglected but if given a thought, they can be really attractive and creative. The visiting card should go with the kind of business you are in. If you are into a serious business the card should be subtle and sober whereas if your business is quirky then the card should be fun. These are some points that one should keep in mind while designing the visiting card.    

  • Text: different people benefit from different things, like some want to highlight the social media and some would want to focus on the punch line. The business card will project what will depend on you. Some of the most important things to mention will be the name, job title, phone number, address either web or physical, company name, logo, email ID and social media. Some may also have a QR code and the slogan. 
  • Paper quality: the quality of the paper used makes a lot of difference. A hand made paper will give a more supplicated look as compared to a glossy finish. On the other hand, cards are also made of plastic which does not leave a very good impression of the brand in the eyes of the client. As we all know, going plastic free is the new thing.
  • Shape: We know about the traditional rectangular shape cards, but today the options are immense. As the printing techniques are growing the businesses are getting more scope to play with the shapes and sizes. With the help of die cutting techniques there is a lot of room for creativity with shape. The shape and the cut will show the image that you want to convey. The only important thing to keep in mind is that the card should fit in the pocket easily.
  • Smart ideas: there is no end to creativity. These days the trend is that the visiting cards should not just be cards, they can have more than one use. For example, a card can be folded along the cuts and can turn into a phone holder, or can be given as a seed pocket. This makes the cards even more lucrative. 
  • Graphics: The visual elements on the card hold the utmost importance and the first of them being the logo. The placement of the logo should be such that it takes the spotlight. Mostly what happens is that the side of the visiting card is exclusively dedicated to the logo and the theme colour while the other side has the information printed. Minimalism works the best when it comes to business cards. A little bit of empty space will only give a neat look. 
  • Typography: typology can be subcategorized into size, font and colour. There is a very small room for text, so we have to feel free to vary the text size. Only thing to be kept in mind is that all writing should be legible. Font should be chosen keeping in mind the kind of business we are into. A kids preschool can use a particular type of font but the same cannot be used by a furniture merchant. Colors play a very important role in leaving an image on the minds of the client. It should be in sync with the theme colour of the logo and the brand.    
  • Special finishes like tactile: There are very many ideas that you can play with some being spot UV coating, letterpressing, embossing and foil stamping. All this will add an edge to the look of the visiting card. 
  • Perfect designer and printer: an experienced designer will be able to come up with the best solution under your budget and offer you the optimum card. The printer plays a very pivotal role too. The ink and paper quality if compromised will make the whole card look dull and not as attractive as you predicted. 

Some more things that can add mileage are the material of the card, it can be paper, plastic or even rubber. The ink used can be scented which can have a lasting impression on the client. Transparent cards are the new thing in the market and can look way too attractive than any other card. 

UrPrinters can help you with best cards

How UrPrinters can help you with best cards

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