What is a letterhead?

Letterhead is one of those important stationaries of the brand that often get neglected. It’s a part of the legal document as anything printed on a letterhead means that the matter is authenticated. The letterhead is not just the blurb at the header of the page, it’s all that a client may need to know about your brand. This information is more important than it seems.  

The first three things that a client will notice will be the company logo, visiting card, and letterhead. Thus, a well-designed letterhead exhibits professionalism and assists with brand recall. The letterhead establishes the brand name in the mind of the customer. It makes a silent impact and that is of utmost importance.  

If all the stationary of the brand is alike it becomes even more impactful. Since the times have changed the letterheads which were earlier just hard copies have started being circulated as soft copies too. It’s a gift of the save paper save trees initiative to us. Therefore, it’s important to design a letterhead that looks good online as well as offline.       

How is the design important

It may not seem so, but letterhead is a very important part of your business. Anything printed on a letterhead goes a step ahead in asserting itself. For example, some things cannot be done on ordinary paper or just as a simple mailer. Like a formal letter of appointment or an agreement with a new supplier, or maybe if you are writing to confirm a bonus for an employee. Any other formal notice or agreement calls for a letterhead. It becomes a thing to be preserved for years and thus needs to be thought upon.

Some of the reasons why a letterhead is important for a brand are listed below:

  • A letterhead represents your company or brand, it’s an ambassador from your company to the client. It is an official representation of your brand. A good letterhead on a decent quality paper shows how much time and effort you put into all your tasks. 
  • A good letterhead can create a sense of reliability in the mind of the client. On the other hand, a sloppy letterhead will reflect a sloppy business practice. A precisely designed letterhead should be a part of an overall advertising plan, as the design you choose will reflect on all your business communications.
  • Letterhead and logo are the two things that will define and reinforce your brand in the minds of the people. Choose a simple design that is clutter-free and it’s sure to make a difference.     
  • A letterhead broadcasts your brand wherever it goes. Planned or unplanned, it acts as a great advertising tool. Apart from broadcasting it also invites new clients by letting them know your contact details and addresses.

Tips to design a letterhead

The design of the letterhead plays a vital role in impressing a client. Like no one likes a cluttered place, in the same way, no one likes a cluttered read. There are some ground rules for designing a letterhead, which is sure to catch the eyes of the clients.  

  • First, one should focus on the basics, such as the text content. The information mentioned should be spaced properly, yet compact. The presentation should be professional to gain maximum mileage. The reader should be able to segregate the information he needs easily. 
  • The business will decide the design of the letterhead. The look should be in accordance with the kind of audience which is going to receive these. If the people you target don’t find the letterhead intriguing, the whole drill becomes useless. For example, a letterhead of a preschool and that of a corporate firm can nowhere look similar. 
  • A slogan on the letterhead, along with all the information, makes a connection with the customers and also reflects your motto, aim, thought process, and mentality as a brand.
  • The brand logo is the most important and should be used most effectively. The logo should always be put on the top left or right of the page so that it remains constant while the letter is being read. One more thing that can be done is that one can use classy fonts in headings and simple fonts for other details in order to shift the focus to the brand logo.
  • What information goes on the letterhead is of prime importance. The information has to be crisp yet effective. It’s also important to mention an alternative contact detail, so as to not miss out on opportunities. Make sure to cover all the legal details. 
  • A theme that is common for all the office stationery, takes the brand identity to another level. Uniform stationery, no doubt creates a larger impact. It shows how organized and professional your brand is. 
  • The key is to keep it as simple as possible. The customer should not have to hunt for the information he needs. Thus, when in doubt, make it easy. 
  • These days one can add special effects while printing. For example, UV printing can help the letterhead stand out above the pack. 
  • Find a perfect font and make it uniform for all the branding printables. Fonts come in families, so if you need change, you could choose from the family. 
  • A matching envelope is like a feather on the cap for a beautiful letterhead. There are numerous design ideas for enveloping that one can play around with.  

Quality of paper and printing

The quality of paper you choose and the kind of printing done will make a huge difference to the whole look of the letterhead. The graphics should stand out even after printing. The quality of paper matters. A flimsy paper will showcase a flimsy business. The ground rule is the heavier weight of your paper is, the more professional and premium the end result will be. Apart from that, there are other options to choose from such as paper finish, like smooth, glossy, matte, and textured. etc. Printing is the most important part. However much you design on the computer, after printing if it loses charm then the whole exercise goes down the drain. The color contrast and the brightness should be intact even on paper. 

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To conclude, a letterhead design has the ability to make or break the brand value. The image that a client creates in his mind will depend on the letterhead that he sees. Thus, one needs to understand the importance and put some effort into this area.

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