Cardboard Boxes for Safe and Hygienic Packaging

Since the outbreak of the second wave COVID-19 pandemic and consequent safety restrictions, most consumers are preferring to order their essentials from online sellers. Ensuring safe and hygienic delivery of these orders has emerged as a primary concern for all businesses. Thus, there is a growing demand for packaging products such as corrugated boxes to ensure safe shipment of the deliveries. Most businesses are therefore scouting for trustworthy wholesalers of high-quality such packaging solutions. provides a wide range of packaging boxes at a wholesale and affordable that made out of the best-quality corrugated cardboard ensuring strength and rigidity. Moreover, the packaged products efficiently protected from dust, germs, and dirt without causing any serious damage to their quality. This ensures that the critical risks associated with contamination are significantly reduced.

Why Should Businesses Choose Corrugated Boxes?

Businesses, especially those involved in manufacturing heavyweight products can derive maximum benefits by opting for corrugated cartons as their primary packaging solution. This is because these boxes are extremely lightweight, thereby asserting minimum contribution to the overall weight of the package.

However, it is a myth that light-weighted cartons compromise on the tenacity and strength. They are in fact, extremely stiff and strong, thus making them durable for long-distance shipping in particular.

Apart from these characteristics, corrugated boxes possess flexible malleability, implying that they can easily be hammered and reshaped as per the desired requirements of the brand.

What are the Various Types of Corrugated Packaging?

There are variety of corrugated packaging solutions. Smaller boxes are predominantly used in e-commerce while larger size boxes are used by factories to either send bulk items. Similarly, various product companies use corrugated boxes are primary packaging over the consumer products. Every corrugated cardboard possesses a layer of corrugated fluting and a minimum of one liner. Based on this, there are several types of corrugated cardboards that are used for packaging.

Single Face Board – This type of cardboard has only two layers, a liner and a corrugated layer. Therefore, it is not as sturdy as the other types of corrugated cardboard. Mostly, it is used inside boxes in order to add an extra layer of cushioning for increased safety.

Single Wall Board – The most common type of corrugated cardboard, this consists of two outer liners and a middle layer of corrugated medium. It is mostly used in shipping cartons. The sale of single wall board has increased by several folds during the lockdown as most businesses have shifted online.

Double Wall Board – This is an extremely durable corrugated cardboard that mostly finds its usage in industrial cartons. Consisting of two layers of corrugating fluting and three liners, double wall boards are extensively used for heavy packaging.

Triple Wall Board – A great alternative for wooden crates, this corrugated cardboard is made from three layers of fluting. Thus, most businesses involved in chemical shipping and other products that require special handling opt for triple wall board packaging solutions.

The Takeaway

As the risks associated with the widespread of COVID-19 prevail, it is paramount for all businesses to ensure safe, sanitized, and hygienic packaging of all their products. Essentials such as groceries and medicines can easily be delivered in corrugated cardboard boxes after ensuring that the delivery agent has passed all necessary checks.

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