Corrugated Cardboard Boxes for FMCG Brands

Fast Moving Consumer Goods, more commonly known as FMCG products are among the most popular consumer products that are available in the market. This curtails to all sorts of non-durable goods such as packaged foods, beverages, toiletries, and other consumable products. In comparison to other products, FMCG goods have a relatively shorter shelf life due to which packaging them is a crucial element and a key area of concern for the respective manufacturers.

The packaging of FMCG products can be classified along the lines of three distinct purposes – primarily to protect the product and ensure their shelf life, secondary in terms of their logistics, and tertiary with regards to their distribution.

Understanding the gravity of the situation, online wholesalers such as offer holistic printing and packaging solutions that match the specialized requirements of their diverse clientele – a key demographic of them hailing from the FMCG sector.

Why is Packaging Important for FMCG Brands?

Essentially, the cartons that are largely used for FMCG packaging are made from top-quality corrugated cardboard. This ensures that the products are shipped and delivered safely to the consumers, without risking any sort of damage.

Additionally, the packaging of any product plays a vital role in framing the first impression of any brand. Therefore, businesses often customize their packaging with their brand logo, product names, and brand ideology. They also bear the instructions about using the product, along with the manufacturing date, expiry date, and ingredients – all of which are essential points of information for any consumer. Thus, the packaging pays an imperative role in bridging the communication gap between the brand and their consumers.

What Are Different Packaging Solutions for FMCG Brands?

Prior to packaging their products, it is essential for FMCG brands to determine the appropriate corrugated cardboard packaging type that will be best suited for the particular product. Highlighted below are some of the common packaging solutions that are specially curated to meet the requirements of non-durable products.

Mono Cartons: These are manufactured in diverse shapes, sizes, and finishes. Brands can get them customized as per their requirements and budgets. Manufactured using the best quality corrugated cardboard, mono cartons can be customized and printed with ease. Some of the common techniques used to enhance their overall finish include lamination and foiling.

Litho Laminated Cartons: These corrugated cartons are excellent for shipping over long distances due to their strength and tenacity. They are a cost-effective alternative for brands that are just entering the FMCG industry. Especially for small FMCG manufacturers and home-stores that have set up home-delivery services during the pandemic, litho laminated cartons are an affordable option for Pan-India shipping.

Window Cartons: They are essentially corrugated cartons, albeit with a window panel that allows the consumer to see the product. For example, cosmetics and other beauty and wellness products can be effectively packaged and shipped using these boxes. Additionally, these corrugated packages can be customized to make them more appealing.

Why Should FMCG Brands Purchase Corrugated Cardboard Online?

During the times of an ongoing pandemic, FMCG brands are scouting for wholesalers who offer lucrative packaging solutions online in order to reduce the risk of contamination. Recognising the severity of the prevailing conditions, online wholesalers are providing safe and sanitized deliveries so that the requirements of their clients are met without generating any risks. is recognized as one of the most reliable marketplaces of corrugated cardboard in India. They maintain a reputation of providing a diverse variety of corrugated cardboard at an affordable price.

Moreover, these corrugated cartons can be custom printed as per the requirements of the brands, thus helping them to grow their image. Packing businesses can choose from a variety of size options and capacities that are available on the website.

All products sold by are 100% original and come with an easy return policy. Additionally, guarantees swift delivery of the orders.

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