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The COVID-19 pandemic has taken the world by storm, forcing governments and health organizations to enforce stringent safety and hygiene protocols. Promoting the frequent use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers is one of the most prominent directions among these.

In accordance with the aforementioned norms, businesses have to install sanitization booths across their workplaces in order to prevent the contraction of this hazardous virus. Thus, they are actively scouting for reliable wholesalers such as who can effectively cater to these requirements.

A persistent question among the employees during these times is whether they can consume food after using a hand sanitizer. Given the unfamiliarity of this situation, it is natural to encounter such doubts. However, these are mere myths that need to be busted at the earliest in order to ensure complete safety of all employees in the firm.

Busting the Myth

Health organizations and concerned policymakers recommend using sanitizers that have an alcohol concentration of at least 60%. These sanitizers act as effective disinfectants that can kill germs and potential carriers of the virus. Medical experts recommend using a sanitizer after washing hands with soap and warm water. Especially in case of businesses involved in frontline services during the pandemic, it is essential that all employees abide by these protocols.

However, this is no way suggests that they cannot consume food after applying a hand sanitizer. It is quite the contrary, as health experts encourage the use of hand sanitizers before eating any meal. This is because applying a hand sanitizer ensures that the hands are thoroughly disinfected, thus providing protection against any risks of directly consuming any germs or infectants.

Prior to purchasing hand sanitizers in bulk, businesses can browse through the website of the wholesalers and verify the certifications of their products. The hand sanitizers available on kill 99.9% of the germs including bacteria and viruses, without using water. Thus, they can be effortlessly inculcated into the daily routines of the employees. Additionally, the alcohol content in these sanitizers evaporate in as quick as fifteen seconds. Therefore, employees do not need to worry about wasting their valuable time in over these basic protocols.

Another growing concern among the employees might be the ill-effects of the frequent use of hand sanitizers, with one of the prominent concerns being harming the skin. In order to avoid this complaint, businesses can invest in moisturising hand sanitizers at a wholesale rate. These sanitizers have enhanced water-holding properties, that ensure the retention of optimum moisture levels in the skin.

Important Considerations Before Purchasing Hand Sanitizers

Not all alcohol-based hand sanitizers possess similar properties. For instance, maximum contact and deep cleaning can be achieved through a thick gel or foam-based hand sanitizer. Additionally, the variant of alcohol also plays a vital role in determining the effectivity. Ethanol, for example, is better at destroying viruses than isopropanol. Both alcohols. however, are effective at killing bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

Purchasing Safety and Hygiene Products Online

Apart from being trustworthy distributors of hand sanitizers, offers a diverse range of other safety and hygiene products. These products are aimed to safeguard the customers from contracting the coronavirus. 

All these products are medically tested and verified by the concerned authorities. Additionally, they are certified by the respective associations, thus ensuring that the customers receive the best quality products. Moreover, all products, especially hand sanitizers in bulk are available for sale at an affordable price. They come with many sale benefits as well such as an easy return policy and fast delivery.

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