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The logo of any brand plays the most important role in its identification among the customers. Not only does the logo define the brand, but it represents the relationship that the business aims at establishing its customers. Consequently, customised packaging solutions that possess the logo is a perpetual requirement for businesses of varied capacities.

In today’s scenario, plastic-based packaging options are being boycotted by most businesses due to the consequent environmental damage. As a result, the demand for eco-friendly alternatives such as paper bags is skyrocketing. Therefore, businesses are actively scouting for the aforementioned options at wholesale prices in the B2B market.

Some of the common businesses that resort to paper bags as their primary method of packaging include supermarkets, departmental stores, medical stores, apparel stores along with restaurants, drive-ways, cafes, take-away diners, and bakeries. ranks among the leading online suppliers of high-quality paper bags that can be used for varied purposes.

What are the Benefits of Customized Paper Bags?

Customized Paper Bags Promote Consistent Branding

Consistency is an important aspect for building and maintaining the brand image of any business. Everything, right from the website, logo, marketing materials, advertising, and even packaging has a determining role to play in ensuring consistent branding. A great way to maintain this consistency is to customize your paper bags with your brand logo. By doing so, the business can actively promote their identity by enhancing their relevance with their existing customers.  

Paper is the world’s most collectible and recyclable material

Research suggests that the rate of recyclability and collectability of paper ranks among the highest in the world. Moreover, paper bags can easily be customized in different finishes such as matte and glossy. Therefore, businesses that are adopting an eco-friendly model of functioning can switch to paper bags as their preferred packaging material so as to reduce their overall carbon footprints and comply to the government authorised environment protection measures.

Customers can derive multiple usage from paper bags

Delivering products in paper bags reflects that you as a business care about the environment and are willing to act upon it. Resonating this message with your customer base is a great way to enhance the overall image of the brand as well as substantiate its stand on pertinent issues. Hence, your business can promote the principle of waste reduction by motivating customers to reuse paper bags for their personal needs.

Why Should Businesses Choose

Deemed to be one of India’s fastest growing online wholesalers of packaging and printing products, is expanding its services towards providing more eco-friendly solutions. These are aimed at catering to the diverse requirements of modern businesses. Therefore, it is venturing into suppling recyclable paper-based packaging products.

Additionally, customizing the paper bags with the brand logo further improves the branding.  All customized paper bags delivered by are extremely durable and light-weighted. All these characteristics are achieved without compromising on the overall strength of the product.

How to Place Your Wholesale Order?

All wholesale orders on can be placed via the dedicated online portal that ensures that businesses can directly place their order. Buyers can place their orders by following a few simple steps. When one visits the website of, they can simply type the keywords Paper Bags in the search bar. This will lead them to the webpage displaying the diverse variety of customized paper bags that are available on for wholesale in India.

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