Best Franchise Opportunities in India

In light of the ongoing corona-virus pandemic, there is a looming risk of job losses across all sectors of the economy. Several organizations are either laying off a significant number of employees or are enforcing heavy salary cuts.

During such times of crisis, whether one is working with other organisation or owning a business, both are at risk of losing their monthly income. Investing in a high demand business with a low investment significantly decreases this risk. This is especially true in the case of businesses involved in safety and hygiene products.

Keeping the current scenario in mind, it is a great opportunity to invest in such a business with the initial investments being as low as five thousand rupees only. One such rewarding opportunity to establish yourself in the market is provided by

Identifying the Opportunity

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, safety and hygiene products have become a crucial part of the new normal. There is an increasing demand for all types of face masks, hand sanitizers, PPE kits, and other safety equipment. ranks among the most trusted online distributors of health and safety products. They are providing an exciting opportunity for all aspiring entrepreneurs to kickstart their business by selling certified health and hygiene products in their city.

The organization recognizes the promising opportunity for growth and profits in this sector, given the current circumstances. Thus, if you are an aspiring entrepreneur scouting for a good start to your venture, this is one of the best available franchise opportunities with minimum investment.

The Advantage over Traditional Businesses

Most seasoned businesspersons who hail from traditional business backgrounds have immense experience and connections that aid their growth. Additionally, they possess excellent industry knowledge and possess the resources to make high investments.

However, these luxuries might not be available for an aspiring entrepreneur who is starting their business from scratch. has strategized helpful measures to support such individuals in their business ventures. offers complete training on products and support on the selling to all their franchisees. Moreover, they manage manufacturing across India by themselves. In case you encounter any difficulties, you can order management through their online portal.

Additionally, you are empowered with the provision to manage your entire business on your smartphone. Furthermore, also provides automatic pay-outs. Interestingly, all these advantages come at an extremely low investment cost of few thousand rupees.

Know the Process of Registration

The entire process of registration and taking your first step towards a promising entrepreneurship career is exceptionally simplified by You can make the most out of this low-cost franchise opportunity by following four simple steps.

The first step is to make a minimum investment and purchase a sample kit from and share the details for registration on the website. You will become a registered Franchisee and receive your Username and Password for your online account.

The next step is to scout your target customer base and sell them the products. Make sure that you highlight all the important features of the products to your target customer. In case you face any difficulties, you can always reach out to the designated account manager at

After completing your sale, log your order to and transfer the payments. Your order would be dispatched to the destination within 48 hours. Finally, you will receive your commission for sale within 15 days of payment directly to your bank account.

Further Assistance

If you face any roadblocks, you can directly ask for assistance from the Account Manager at the Head Office. Moreover, you can attend detailed training programs dealing with product and selling techniques. These sessions will be organized from the Head Office.

In Conclusion

Keeping the existing trends of the market into consideration, it is advisable to establish your business in the safety and healthcare sector. Additionally, it is imperative to assess the capital required for the same. ticks all these checkboxes and provides one of the best franchise opportunities in India with the initial investment being as low as five thousand rupees only.

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