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Are you brainstorming about the best and the most useful corporate gift for your employees, customers, business partners, suppliers, and shareholders? There are so many events and festivals that keep coming up when you have to think of gifting options. Gifting can make the employer and employee relationship much stronger and help it last longer. One of the most used and demanded corporate gift items can be a good quality Customize Laptop Bags. 

A laptop bag designed to carry laptops, tablets, and e-readers. These are supposed to protect your laptop from dust particles, damage from falling, and scratches and also provide enough space to store laptop accessories and work-related documents. Thus, a laptop bag can be a very thoughtful gifting option.

Types of laptop bags and their advantages

There are various types of laptop bags available in the market, but it depends on the user what kind suits him the best. Some are sleek and thin while others are huge and bulky. If you are a minimalist, you would love the sleek designs whereas if you are the kind of person who likes to carry his world with him then the spacious and bulky ones will suffice your needs. One has to think about what kind of bag fits his needs and then choose from the following designs:

  • Laptop Backpack: Backpacks have become a crucial part of our lives, not only because it offers more space but also the carrying style makes it easy to carry. The divided weight on both the shoulders does not make you feel the load.  The functional design of these laptop backpacks makes it all the more demanded. It comes with a slot for laptop, phone, charger, water bottle, documents, tablet and even coins and USBs. This feature makes these bags very desirable. 
  • Laptop Sling Bags: These sling bags are padded from both sides and offer good protection to the laptop. The position and length of the sling can be adjusted as per requirement. Moreover, it keeps the hands free and also helps the laptop be under constant check by you.
  • Laptop Messenger Bag: These are one of the most stylish office accessories. All corporates love to carry this beauty because of its sleek look and functional aesthetics. The bags are given a firm structure by padding and have two handlebars. Rectangular in shape, this bag has a zipped compartment for your laptop. 
  • Laptop Sleeves: These are also called portfolio bags, and are commonly used when the laptop is at home and not in use. Sleeve bags are not very comfortable for carrying as they come with no handles. One thing that should be kept in mind is that the sleeve should be a perfect fit for the laptop as a loose one might cause damage. 
  • Tote Laptop Bags: These tote bags are majorly used by women and are known for their stylish look. Tote bags generally come with one dedicated compartment for a laptop and other small ones for other items. 
choose the right laptop bag

How to choose the right laptop bag

The right laptop bag for you can only be decided if you specify your requirements. First things first, the laptop bag should be convenient to carry around. It should be lightweight with broad straps so that the weight is divided evenly. Looks are another factor that makes a bag more demanded, no one would want a boring old fashion bag. The bag should be compatible with your laptop in size and also should have compartments for the accessories. It should also have ample space for keeping all travel essentials if at all you are in a job that requires a lot of traveling. 

The bag should be durable, the material should be such that it lasts long. For example, the zippers used should be of the best quality and the stitching should be strong enough to carry the weight. Along with being durable, the material should also be waterproof so as to keep the laptop safe in rainy weather. 

The type of handle that the bag has will also help you choose the bag for you. What kind of carrying do you like and how much weight do you intend to carry.

Why laptop bags can be the best gifting option

Because of the ways in which these bags can be used. A laptop bag is not just for laptops but for hundreds of other items that you carry each day to work, be it a laptop charger, phone charger, lip balm, moisturizer, pen, markers, notebooks, documents, water bottle, snack box, tablets and whatnot. Moreover, it is a gift that the corporates don’t get very often and so they would love to have one. If at all these bags are offered with custom printed logos and images of the company then it becomes all the more lucrative. By personalizing the bags, we can give a personal touch to them and thus create a mobile marketing tool also. A spacious bag with various compartments is sure to win the hearts of your employees. 

customized laptop bags

Where to find a customized solution at nominal rates

There are numerous places where you can purchase these promotional laptop bags. Some offer premium quality products and some are not so good. Some offer customized designs; some have a fixed design catalog.  Buying a thing online is not easy as one has to decide just by looking at the image and the quality of the products cannot be judged. There is one place where you can blindly procure bulk items from. The place is UrPrinters, a one-stop-shop for all kinds of promotional printed gift items. They are supplying premium quality promotional laptop bags that are durable, spacious, elite, and are user friendly. The printing quality is very good and does not wash away even after months and years of use. 

What makes UrPrinters bags stand out is at par with the industry standards and procures its bags from some of the well-known manufacturers of the market. Huge market research and creativity go into the final products that are shown to the clients. The creative make sure that the range is updated on a frequent basis and are able to offer the best Customize Laptop Bags to their clients at wholesale rates. They are offering in bulk and also make sure that these personalized and printed laptop bags are packed well so as to minimize the chances of damage while transportation. You can select from numerous designs keeping in mind your target customers. They have been into the business of promotional item printing and are good at personalizing the products as per the requirements of the client. Their huge clientele is proof of that. Moreover, the range is available at competitive prices.   

So, the next time you are looking for a perfect custom-made premium quality laptop bag, you know where to go. Urprinters are the suppliers to most of your demand. 

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  1. Good versatile backpack .lots of space which I used for a work away trip.looks stylish .can carry laptop easily.

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