Benefits of Investing in Paper Bags for Your Business

These days when the shopkeeper asks you if you want a plastic or paper bag, the answer is very obvious, Paper. And the reason for the same is also very obvious: plastic is harmful to our planet and future generations. Even a child of 5 years can tell what are the harmful effects of plastic, it has created havoc by landfills on the land and by clogging the oceans, and making the life of sea creatures miserable.

This is where the paper bag industry is stepping in and naturally trying to make this planet a better place to be for humans as well as wildlife. The Paper bag industry has been in existence for many years and has been a part of trade and commerce. The government has also taken steps to ban plastic bags, which eventually lead to an increase in the use of paper bags in the market. 

No doubt, printed paper bags are becoming the latest and hot trend these days. These serve in more ways than one for the businesses as well as the customers.

On the other hand, like every other thing has its pros and cons, paper bags also have their cons too. It is said that paper is also harming the environment to a great extent. The manufacturing of paper uses more water than the production of plastic. Moreover, the energy consumption is also higher and it also produces many times more greenhouse gases. Paper bags are less resistant than plastic bags for example if it gets wet or it gets heavier the paper bags might just tear off. But if we weigh the pros and the cons then paper bags are much better than plastic bags in all ways. 

Thus, to summarize, paper bags are any day better option as compared to plastic bags.

Benefits of paper bags over plastic

Looking at the world scenario of today, we all know that it’s high time we prefer paper over plastic. Every child in preschool is also taught how plastic is so harmful and why we should start living a minimalist lifestyle for a sustainable future. The irony is that we all are always surrounded by plastic, and it is hard to resist. Let us pinpoint all the benefits that a paper bag has over a plastic bag. 

  • Paper is biodegradable whereas plastic is not. Plastic remains buried in soil for years and creates landfills. It is hard to believe that even after 500 years a piece of plastic will remain intact on this planet. A paper bag if thrown will turn into the soil soon and not linger on this planet for years. It will not flow into oceans and chock the wildlife to death. 
  • There is no cost of importing raw materials involved in making paper bags. It is made by cutting trees locally and thus saves a lot of money and energy. 
  • Saviour for the wildlife. Plastic has been the cause of many endangered animals today. With the reduced use of plastic, there are chances that we might be able to restore them for longer.
  • The cost of a paper bag is cheaper as they are made of locally available material and there is no cost of import involved. 
  • Paper bags have a different soothing effect on the mind of the user. It is fresh and breathable. There are some things that cannot be packed in plastic as it needs air and then comes to rescue the paper-based packaging.
  • Paper bags give a very elite and classy look to the purchase. It makes the product stand out and creates a niche for itself.
  • Last but not least paper bags are environmentally friendly. Most people have become conscious but yet some are remaining. It’s time that we take the call and switch to paper from plastic   

Paper bags are beneficial for your business

Paper bags can elevate your business to another level. The mere look of it showcases how conscious and responsible the brand is. Quality packaging plays a very vital role in building a brand image, thus, investing in packaging makes a lot of difference. A well-printed paper bag with your logo, outlet details, contact numbers, and product list will fetch you more customers than you would have ever calculated. If your bags are sturdy enough, they will last for longer and will be used multiple times. 

Let us point out some ways in which paper bags can level up your branding game:

  • Shows how socially responsible you are. As we already mentioned most people have become conscious regarding the purchase and use of plastic. When a brand hands over the purchase in a plastic bag, it’s a turn-off. 
  • Paper bags can be more easily customized and fit the needs of the brand. It is very convenient to find a place that will provide you with custom printed paper bags as per your specifications.
  • These printed paper bags act as a very strong marketing tool. Every time you hand over a bag to the customer it assists you in boosting the brand visibility. The customer reuses the bag multiple times and it changes so many hands, creating so many new future clients for the brand. 
  • Sturdy packaging helps customers to carry their products without having to stress about the breakage and spillage. Apart from this it also helps in reusability.
  • Brand loyalty will be created. Like if a particular grocery store gives a very nice and durable bag with every purchase, the name will stay in the head of the customer. Next time when they have to buy groceries then they have to drop by your shop and nowhere else. 

How to print and where to print

A custom printed paper bag is very easy to avail. There are numerous vendors who supply all kinds of paper bags as per the specifications of the clients. The paper bags should be made of good quality paper and the construction should be sturdy. A classy paper bag will win the hearts of the clients at once and will also change hands while being reused, creating an image in the minds of all the users.

A typical paper bag of a brand will have the logo in the very middle of the bag, then the tag line. After that comes the contact details of the brand, which include the physical address, the website address, contact number, and the social media handles. Some brands also mention the addresses of all their outlets on the side of the bag. There are various types of handles that you can choose from like D Cut handles loop handles or string handles.

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