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Despite best efforts and controlling strategies, the threats associated with COVID-19 persist. It is important for businesses to do their part in restricting the spread of this deadly virus. This includes making it mandatory for all employees to wear face masks while abiding by the norms of social distancing.

However, wearing surgical or N95 masks for prolonged time periods is an uncomfortable affair. Therefore, businesses are opting for 2-layer cotton masks that can be effectively do the job throughout the day, sans the discomfort. is an online wholesaler that caters to the safety and hygiene requirements on a B2B scale. They offer a diverse range of cotton masks on their portal. Answered below are some of the common questions that most buyers have prior to placing their order.

What is the Ideal Fit of the Mask?

In order to derive maximum efficiency from the cloth masks, the user needs to ensure that they are wearing it correctly. The mask should cover both their mouth and nose. It should be placed securely at the bridge of the nose as well as under the chin. While it should have a snug fit, it should not restrict breathing.

Additionally, the user must not touch the mask while wearing it. Instead, they should sanitize their hands and hold the mask by its straps. Furthermore, they should avoid draping it around their neck or on top of their forehead.

When Should Employees Wear Masks?

As per the recommendations of the CDC, employees must wear their masks every time they are in a public setting wherein it is difficult to maintain the norms of social distancing. This includes market visits, factories, plants, co-working spaces, using public transport, or while attending corporate events.

Apart from this, businesses can place orders for customised cotton masks for corporate events, meetings, seminars, and conferences. Events like these call for massive footfalls, and it is important for businesses to maintain government accredited safety and hygiene norms while hosting them.

Are Cotton Masks Replacements for Social Distancing?

While cotton masks provide 2-layers of protection that can assist in the reduction of contracting the virus, they are not substitutes of social distancing under any circumstances. It is actually a supplement to the process.

Employees would be the safest when they wear their cloth face masks while travelling to and from work, as well as every time they step out in public. Many organizations have in fact made it mandatory for their employees to wear face masks when they are in common spaces such as cafeterias and conference rooms.

How to Remove the Face Mask?

Employees must make sure that they remove the face mask properly. The mask must be removed using the bands that hold the mask behind their ears. Thereafter, they must fold the outside corners together and store their mask.

It is important to note that any part of the mask that comes in contact with the face must not be touched. Moreover, the wearer must always sanitise their hands before wearing the mask and immediately after removing it.

What is the Process to Wash and Store Cotton Masks?

Ideally, cotton face masks should be washed after each use, as suggested by the CDC. This can be done either by hand or in a washing machine. They can be washed with regular laundry, using a strong detergent and warm water. In case a user wishes to wash them by hand, they can rinse it in warm water and detergent or bleach. Before wearing the mask again, it is important to ensure that it is completely dry.

For storing the masks, the user must be kept them in a cool and dry place wherein there is minimum risk of dampness. Furthermore, they can be stored cautiously in a separate paper bag when the wearer is on the go.

The Takeaway

2-layer cotton masks are a great alternative for individuals who have to continuously wear face masks. Businesses can place their wholesale orders for the same by visiting the website of

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