Customizing a Pizza Packaging Box

Pizza is a constant companion for people of all ages across the world. Be it a single slice of pizza as a snacking option or an entire pizza as a meal, the demand for pizzas is never going to diminish.

Capitalising on this opportunity, there is an increase in the number of pizza businesses not just in India, but across the world. With it, there is a simultaneous demand for pizza packaging boxes as well.

These businesses are turning towards online wholesalers such as who can fulfil their printing and packaging needs. However, prior to placing a bulk order, it is essential to know about the basics of customizing a pizza box as per the brand requirements.

Functionalities of Pizza Boxes

The fundamental advantage of a packaging box is that it safeguards the product from contamination, germs, and dust. More so in the times of an ongoing pandemic, a pizza delivery box is the primary requirement for safe and hygienic delivery.

Bearing a tough interior made of top-quality corrugated cardboard, these pizza boxes keep the pizza warm. This also keeps the pizza intact and prevents it from breaking while being on the road.

Finally, it provides the first impression about your brand as all pizza boxes bear brand logos. Customized designs on pizza packaging boxes represent the identity of the brand – fast delivery, exquisite taste, and economical pricing.

How to Customize Pizza Boxes?


Every designer needs a fair idea about what their client wishes to convey through the pizza boxes. For doing so, they require a clear brief from the buyer that sheds light on all the important points about the logo design and the message.

Deciding the Shape and Size

Based on the size of the pizza to be packaged, there are different types of packaging boxes that are required. For instance, there are pizza slices, regular pizzas, medium pizzas, and large pizzas.  

After receiving a detailed brief from the buyer regarding the designs and prints, the experts at will shed light on the various sizes and styles that are available on the portal, along with their specific uses and effects on brand outreach.

After this, the brands can also provide a draft sketch of their ideas to the designers or visit websites such as Pinterest and the likes to refer to pre-developed designs.

Invest in the Printing Process

As India’s first B2B supplier for all printing and packaging requirements, is the apt choice from where businesses can purchase customized pizza boxes with logos in bulk.

Businesses can visit the website and provide their customized designs for print. Thereafter, the skilled taskforce will cater to the personalized requirements by providing high-quality printed paper bags.

Benefits of buying from

  • Best Rates: dedicated team ensures that we have the best rates in the given region without compromising on the quality
  • Quality Guaranteed: All the products sold via goes through a thorough quality check. At each step, the customers’ peace of mind is kept at priority.
  • Anywhere in India: We have a national scale reach ensuring that if your corporate office gives the order, we can maintain the same brand quality of the mugs and printing across India.

How to Place Your Wholesale Order?

When one visits the website of, they can simply type the keywords Pizza Boxes in the search bar. This will lead them to the webpage displaying the diverse variety of Pizza Boxes that are available on for wholesale in India.

Moreover, the buyer can also order for customized pizza boxers in bulk by providing their designs while ordering. After finalising their products and providing their designs for customisation, the buyer can pay the reflected amount to conclude their purchase.

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